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Company Updates

ANTAI Technology Co., Ltd

24.362MW solar tracker in Armenia, utilized TAI Universal 2P solar tracker from Antaisolar, and our local technical supporting team came on site to guarantee the smooth installation. ?

Xiamen Corigy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Corigy 3.5KW off-grid solar inverter is designed with built-in solar charger and AC for all-in-one convenience and versatility.

Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

GraceSolar supplied 98MW solar racking for the largest photovoltaic power station in Yamaguchi, Japan.

Xiamen Angels Solar Energy Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Angels Solar developed a new vertical placement of special solar modules, which can utilize solar radiation from both sides. It adapts to almost every terrain and can easily be mounted on site.

Solar PV Business News


For mountain photovoltaic projects, it is difficult to cope with the rugged terrain. At present, a 98MW mountain photovoltaic project is under intense shipment. The project is located in a mountainous area in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. After completion, it may become the largest photovoltaic power station in th...


The 2021 "Solar Energy Cup" New Year's Eve Sharing Meeting and Award Ceremony hosted by SolarBe was grandly held in Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou Park. Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Most Influential Photovoltaic Module Enterprise in 2021" award.

United States

DSD Renewables has acquired a pair of ground-mounted community solar projects in Southwest Maine from Mainely Solar totaling 11.79 MWs. The projects will generate an estimated 15,508,284 kWh of renewable energy each year, avoiding approximately 10,990 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.


Sungrow officially launches the brand-new central inverter -- "1+X" Modular Inverter at World Future Energy Summit, a high-profile international event for global sustainability and transition to clean energy. "1+X" Modular Inverter is the most innovative central inverter solution which Sungrow is promoting worldw...


Sonnedix has completed the acquisition of an 8.6MW solar PV plant, currently in the ready-to-build stage, from Grupo Tec Servicios Avanzados S.A. and Luminous Energy LTD.

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